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We have all heard of uggs for women – from the classic style to a burst of color or sparkle, they have been a fan favorite for decades. 

If you’re in search of the best pair, then you’ve come to the right place! UGG Australia Collection has a wide range of soft, elegant, and comfy ugg boots for women to offer. 

However, you may not be fully aware that ugg boots are not designed solely for winter. 

Look through our collection of UGG boots for women – and the reasons to wear them all year round! 

1. Sheepskin has antimicrobial properties.

Guess it is about time to bid goodbye to stinky shoes and wave hello to our top-quality premium grade sheepskin tailored to survive through all seasons! 

Our ugg boots women collection has Lanolin, found in sheepskin fibers, which is antimicrobial and keeps your feet fresh for hours.

2. Sheepskin wicks away moisture.

Our collection of women’s ugg boots Australia adores comes from sheepskin’s delicate, airy fibers that drain moisture away from your feet. This generates a dry air buffer near your skin whilst still allowing airflow in and out.

From UGG Premium Classic Short to Tall, nothing beats our collection of ultra-soft boots that you can pull off with any outfit – anywhere at any time. 

3. Sheepskin offers your feet warmth and comfort.

Sheepskin is thermostatic, in case you didn’t know. This means that regardless of how hot or cold it is outdoors, UGG Australia Collection’s boots will adjust to your body’s temperature to keep your feet comfortable.

4. Our ugg boots are incredibly long-lasting.

We don’t want you to settle for less. You know they’ll last a long time when you purchase winter ugg boots women’s footwear from our UGG classic line. 

Sheepskin can endure long periods of use – not to mention it’s a favorite, thus the reason for rigorous wear.

Shop our UGGs for women for the warmth and comfort you deserve and desire

Our premium classic collection includes tall, small, and mini variations to best fit the style and needs of women on the go. You can wear them indoors and out, and the absorbent double face, authentic hand-picked sheepskin will keep you warm in the cold winter months and cool in hot summer.

Shop from a wide array of our UGG women’s boots Australia loves. Invest in stylish, premium-quality UGG boots that are custom-made just for you!