Top Cleaning Hacks to Take Care of Your Boots

The one great benefit that you’ll get from a good set of boots is that they’ll typically last a whole lot longer than regular shoes. From hiking boots to work boots, in terms of durability, they won’t disappoint you for years to come. However, though they’re made from tough materials and reinforced to make them extra sturdy, your boot’s lifespan will largely be impacted by how well you treat them. As such, the better you treat your boots (in terms of cleaning and maintaining them), the longer you can expect them to last.

Don’t get me wrong, premium quality boots (such as the ones that we offer here at UGG Store Outlet) are built to be tough. Our Noah UGG Boots, in particular, is crafted from tough genuine leather; it is also lined with a plush sheepskin material that maintains a soft texture within for greater comfort. If you’re looking for more boots like this, Click HERE to find our full catalog and purchase from our reputable online store that offers only the finest quality shoes.

So how would one go about keeping his or her boots in mint condition after day-to-day use? Since not putting on the boots at all isn’t an option, the next best approach would be to regularly clean them and care for the tender leather skins that they’re made out of. Below, we are going to help you take good care of your boots by outlining how to properly clean them.

Use the Right Cleaning Method

Like smelly clothes and dirty dishes, cleaning your boots is quite an important thing to do after use if you’d like them to remain in good condition. However, this cannot be done by simply dumping them into a large dish of water and hoping for the best. Exposing your boots to too much water could damage the material that they’re made out of, which will significantly reduce their lifespan.

Below, we are going to outline the proper way by which you should go about cleaning your boots.

  • Remove the laces: Firstly, you’ll want to undo all the laces and remove them from the boots. These will be washed separately. boot cleaning kit
  • Use a cloth to clean dirt and debris: With a soft moist cloth, gently dust off any debris that may be stuck to your boots, both on the outer material and under the soles.
  • Thoroughly wash with soap: Make a thick soap and water mixture, then dip your cloth in the mixture until it’s well soaked. After that, you’ll want to scrub your booths both inside and out, taking care to remove all excess dirt, then rinse all the soap out.
  • Dry the boots out: After their clean, you’ll want to leave them in an open space and allow them to dry out for approximately 4-6 hours depending on the day’s conditions.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a much easier way to clean your boots, you should purchase our Boot and Suede Care Kit

3 Reasons Why UGGs Are Good For Your Feet

While it is well known that ugg boots are soft, cosy, and comfortable, we’ve got some interesting facts you might not know about them!

Ugg boots have are more intelligent than you might have thought – in this post, we share our top three facts why uggs are good to wear.

#1. Sheepskin Boots Stay Cleaner

Sheepskin fibres are more hollow than synthetic which allows it to absorb 30% more of its weight in moisture while still not feeling damp. Each fibre looks like a miniature fur tree which helps wick away moisture while repelling oils and grease. Sheepskin also repels mould and resistant to bacteria’s, dirt and other parasites, therefore not allowing much bacteria to accumulate on your feet.

#2. Cool in Summer Warm in Winter 

Sheepskin UGG boots & slippers are made from a natural fibre which self-regulates temperature. This feature comes from the hollow fibre which allows the material to breathe. This breathability means that when the sheepskin touches your skin, it regulates your body to an even temperature, and like the insulation in your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool and dry in summer.

#3. Uggs for Better Skin

It is known that sheepskin contains lanolin, which is a oily substance that helps sheep repel moisture and keep the elements out. For us, lanolin helps moisturize skin and keep it soft. This is why uggs are very soft and comfortable. As sheepskin is a hypoallergenic fibre it makes ugg boots and slippers perfect for people with sensitive allergies.

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How To Store Your UGG Boots

As the weather is getting warmer, it comes to the time to pack your ugg boots away and slip on some slippers and moccasins.

Cleaning and storing your ugg boots is an easy process and with our step-by-step guide your ugg boots will looking new for years to come.


Clean your ugg boots

For lighter marks or dirt use a semi coarse sponge and go over the affected are lightly, make sure to follow the natural grain of the leather.

To remove any tougher dirt that has made its way onto your ugg boots, gently dab them with a wet sponge; ensuring the entire boot is damp. Spray our Ugg Boot Cleaning Spray and Detergent onto the sponge and gently clean the outside of your boots – do not scrubbing as this can damage the suede.

When you have finished cleaning your ugg boots, dab them with a clean sponge to remove any left over residue and allow to dry completely in a ventilated space.


Spray with protector

Before packing your ugg boots away, it is a good idea to spray them with our Ugg Boot Water and Oil Repellent to reduce any future damage and protect them from mould and mildew. Spray until your ugg boots look wet but are not soaked and then leave to dry completely in a ventilated area. If you would like, you can brush them again once dry.


Fill with paper

To keep the shape of your uggs, stuff them with paper or specific boot shapers to ensure they don’t wrinkle or lose their shape.

Store your uggs in a dry and ventilated area, If you follow these four easy steps, your ugg boots will look great when you bring them out next winter.

All our care products are available online. If you’re looking for a pair of ugg boots to show off next season, you will find the perfect pair in our collection.





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