The one great benefit that you’ll get from a good set of boots is that they’ll typically last a whole lot longer than regular shoes. From hiking boots to work boots, in terms of durability, they won’t disappoint you for years to come. However, though they’re made from tough materials and reinforced to make them extra sturdy, your boot’s lifespan will largely be impacted by how well you treat them. As such, the better you treat your boots (in terms of cleaning and maintaining them), the longer you can expect them to last.

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So how would one go about keeping his or her boots in mint condition after day-to-day use? Since not putting on the boots at all isn’t an option, the next best approach would be to regularly clean them and care for the tender leather skins that they’re made out of. Below, we are going to help you take good care of your boots by outlining how to properly clean them.

Use the Right Cleaning Method

Like smelly clothes and dirty dishes, cleaning your boots is quite an important thing to do after use if you’d like them to remain in good condition. However, this cannot be done by simply dumping them into a large dish of water and hoping for the best. Exposing your boots to too much water could damage the material that they’re made out of, which will significantly reduce their lifespan.

Below, we are going to outline the proper way by which you should go about cleaning your boots.

  • Remove the laces: Firstly, you’ll want to undo all the laces and remove them from the boots. These will be washed separately. boot cleaning kit
  • Use a cloth to clean dirt and debris: With a soft moist cloth, gently dust off any debris that may be stuck to your boots, both on the outer material and under the soles.
  • Thoroughly wash with soap: Make a thick soap and water mixture, then dip your cloth in the mixture until it’s well soaked. After that, you’ll want to scrub your booths both inside and out, taking care to remove all excess dirt, then rinse all the soap out.
  • Dry the boots out: After their clean, you’ll want to leave them in an open space and allow them to dry out for approximately 4-6 hours depending on the day’s conditions.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a much easier way to clean your boots, you should purchase our Boot and Suede Care Kit


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