While it is well known that ugg boots are soft, cosy, and comfortable, we’ve got some interesting facts you might not know about them!

Ugg boots have are more intelligent than you might have thought – in this post, we share our top three facts why uggs are good to wear.

#1. Sheepskin Boots Stay Cleaner

Sheepskin fibres are more hollow than synthetic which allows it to absorb 30% more of its weight in moisture while still not feeling damp. Each fibre looks like a miniature fur tree which helps wick away moisture while repelling oils and grease. Sheepskin also repels mould and resistant to bacteria’s, dirt and other parasites, therefore not allowing much bacteria to accumulate on your feet.

#2. Cool in Summer Warm in Winter 

Sheepskin UGG boots & slippers are made from a natural fibre which self-regulates temperature. This feature comes from the hollow fibre which allows the material to breathe. This breathability means that when the sheepskin touches your skin, it regulates your body to an even temperature, and like the insulation in your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool and dry in summer.

#3. Uggs for Better Skin

It is known that sheepskin contains lanolin, which is a oily substance that helps sheep repel moisture and keep the elements out. For us, lanolin helps moisturize skin and keep it soft. This is why uggs are very soft and comfortable. As sheepskin is a hypoallergenic fibre it makes ugg boots and slippers perfect for people with sensitive allergies.

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